The Tirewelder

Gerald Gauna Bio

Vice President
Gerald Gauna first began his career in the tire industry at age 16. When most kids were flipping burgers, making minimum wage at their part-time jobs, Gerald was being introduced to the industry that would later define his career. For 16 years, he climbed his way up the business ladder at GCR Tires & Service in Santa Fe, NM, working as a:

  • Retread Tech
  • Retread Manager
  • Service Tech for OTR Tech
  • Salesman

Restless for a larger market and bigger growth opportunities, Gerald eventually left New Mexico and set off for Colorado Springs, CO, continuing his employment with GCR. However, he returned to New Mexico in 2005 to be closer to his family. One week after his arrival in Santa Fe, Tire Welder’s President, Steve Wenk, connected with Gerald and invited him to join the team. Gerald accepted and has been an invaluable asset to Tire Welder ever since.

Since joining the Tire Welder team, Gerald has helped to grow the business with new account development and existing account management. Now, Gerald’s primary focus is helping his sales team in various ways, including:

  • Finding tires
  • Resolving pricing issues
  • Shipping
  • Logistics

Gerald joins his team on sales calls so he can stay personally connected to Tire Welder’s customers. Due to the efforts of Gerald and the sales team, Tire Welder has expanded its outside sales force and recently opened a new location in Texas and in Salt Lake City, UT. 2018 marks Gerald’s 32nd year in the OTR industry.

The Tire Welder Difference

Tire Welder is devoted to selling only top-quality products. Their unrelenting dedication to customers and unmatched warranties set them apart from others in the industry. “Our commitment to quality and customer service is part of our company’s culture” says Gerald.

Gerald Gauna’s Commitment to the OTR Industry

“The people we work with on a daily basis are true tire professionals who know every aspect of the OTR business. Most of the people we talk to are not only customers and vendors, but I would call most of them friends. We have great, long-standing relationships with the majority of our customers. The sheer size of the equipment and tires in our industry still amazes me every day; it is my goal to make our customers feel the same awe about each experience they have with Tire Welder.” – Gerald Gauna, Vice President