About Us

At Tire Welder, we’ve been providing a full range of off-road tire services for many years. Our inventory, expertise and service have set us apart from every other OTR tire company in the industry.

Large Inventory of OTR Tires

We know that a bad tire frequently results in lost time and revenue, and we do everything possible to minimize the inconvenience and cost. That begins with keeping a large inventory of OTR tires in stock. At both our Albuquerque, NM and Fort Worth, TX locations, we have new and used mining, large construction and earthmover tires. In order to meet our customers’ various needs, we have both new and used tires in stock. Some of the brands we carry include Bridgestone, Michelin and Goodyear, and we have tires in all different sizes.


Expertise That Comes with Experience

We also realize that many of our customers rely on our expertise when selecting tires. Our team possesses expertise that is only attainable through experience. We’ve been in the industry since 1983, and prior to opening this business, our founder, Steve, had already gained 12 years of experience in the industry. Now, with 30-plus years of experience, there’s hardly any OTR tire issues we haven’t previously seen and been able to resolve.

Prompt and Professional Service

Our pledge is to provide prompt and professional service in all of our interactions with customers. That’s why many of our tires are available for immediate delivery or shipment, and quick, efficient retread services. We strive to always take care of our customers in a timely fashion.


Make Tire Welder Your OTR Tire Company

The next time you need mining, large construction or earthmover tires, make us the OTR tire company you call. We’ll make sure you get the tires you need when you need them.