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23.5R25 New Bridgestone 2 str

$4,500.00 $3,500.00



The 23.5R25 New Bridgestone 2-Star tire is made for demanding off-road work. With a strong ply rating and no tube, these tires will carry the heaviest loads through the most rigorous terrain. These new Bridgestone OTR tires come with a 2-star rating, making them the strongest 23.5R25 tires that Bridgestone offers. When equipped on either earthmovers or loaders, the tires have a maximum load limit of 32-ply. That’s 33 percent more than Bridgestone’s 1-star 23.5R25 tires.

Being new, these tires offer reliable long-term performance. They’re made to the highest standards by one of the best names in the tire industry, and they’re tires that mining operations, construction firms and other businesses can trust. The tires have a recommended rim of 19.5 inches and a recommended flange height of 2.5 inches.

Product Specifications for 23.5R25 New Bridgestone 2-Star Tire:

  • New Bridgestone OTR tires
  • 2-star rating offers up to 32-ply
  • Ideal for earthmovers and loaders
  • 23.5R25 size
  • 19.5-inch rim and 2.5-inch flange