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33.25-29 New Titan SL100 32 ply

$7,200.00 $5,200.00



The 33.25-29 New Titan SL100 32 Ply tire is designed for hauling heavy loads over rocky terrain. With a unique tread design and high-quality construction, these E3/L3 Titan tires are well-suited for dump trucks, scrapers, loaders, and bulldozers that operate in mines, construction sites and other OTR locations. The tire tread on these Titan SL100 tires is specifically designed for operating on rocky terrain, where the ground is hard and may be uneven in spots. There’s a central riding rib that improves lateral stability and the overall ride. A non-directional tread pattern further improves traction.

The non-directional tread pattern also helps with the new 32 Ply tires’ life spans, as does Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker construction. This advanced construction increases durability and strength without sacrificing any heat resistance – something that’s especially important for earthmovers.

Product Specifications for the 33.25-29 New Titan SL100 32 Ply Tire:

  • New Titan E3/L3 Tires
  • Central Riding Rib
  • Non-Directional Tread
  • Aralon Cut Resistant Breaker
  • 32 Ply
  • 33.25×29 Size