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37.25-35 New Titan XG3 36 ply

$9,300.00 $7,300.00



The 37.25-35 New Titan XG3 36 Ply tire offers solid all-around performance on rocky terrain. Versatile E3 tires, these are an excellent choice for earth movers working in construction sites, mines and other settings where OTR tires are needed. The Titan XG3 tires feature an all-purpose tread design that maximizes traction and flotation, making these tires useful in a variety of situations. A solid centerline provides lateral stability no matter where the tires are being used.

These tires are durable, manufactured to the highest industry standards and have a load index that’s 12.5 percent higher than common 32 Ply OTR tires.

Product Specifications for 37.25-35 New Titan XG3 36 Ply Tire:

  • New Titan E3 Tires
  • Versatile Tread with Solid Centerline
  • Ideal for Earthmovers
  • 36 Ply
  • 37.25×35 Size